The Spooky Hoot, LLC was founded by a lifelong home haunter with a passion for quality and affordability.  Spooky Hoot strives to bring fellow haunters props that are affordable yet still carry the detail and overall quality of more expensive props. 

Spooky Hoot props aren't your typical Halloween chain store props.  Each prop is hand made and our design team spends hours on end searching for materials that can be practical and affordable alternatives to those used in higher end prop designs.

Efficient Storage and easy assembly are also important to the Spooky hoot.  Having run a home haunt for over 25 years, Darren, company founder, understands the importance of having props that are easy to put up, take down, and store away using minimal space.

Lastly, the spooky hoot strives to maintain the detail that you would find in higher end props.  Having haunter experience, the spooky hoot team knows the importance of considering the overall look of our props during daytime and evening haunts.

Costumer satisfaction is ultimately our top priority because without you, we have no business.  if you are ever not completely satisfied with your purchase, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our design team is also open to requests for future prop ideas.

Thank you for looking and happy haunting!!!

Darren and Krista Heidenreich

Owners, The Spooky Hoot